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The Truth of Heroism
A QFG and Star Trek: Enterprise Crossover

The young blonde Adventurer stood in front of the Baron and his family. He had just rid the valley of Baba Yaga not more than two hours before. Stefan von Spielburg just proclaimed him the Hero of the land, and the small crowd that just happened to be the whole of the town was slowly dwindling down.

Stefan had made arrangements for him to dine with the newly restored royal family. He also had an appointment to keep with Shameen, Shema and Abdulla in the morning.

After the crowd had dispersed completely, Elsa had managed to pull the Hero aside. She looked at the man whom was her own personal Hero, and wrapped her arms around him and prepared to pull him in for a kiss she had been waiting to give him since that moment after the Dispel Potion's tinglyness wore off. Her body didn't stop tingling from the embarrassment of the whole situation. It was then when she had noticed him eyeing her.

She leaned in to kiss him, but was interrupted by a series of beeps. She gave him a quizzical look over as if to question if the sound had come from him. 

"Computer... pause and save program," the man had said. The world stopped around him almost immediately. He walked over to the throne that was set out for the Baron, lifted the cushion and pressed the button that he revealed.

"Trip here...," he sighed as the area around him dissolved into a small grey room decorated with yellow grids.

The voice of Malcom Reed, the Chief Tactical Officer echoed throughout the room, "Commander Tucker, you're needed on the bridge."

"On my way!" he replied, and left the room admiring the marvel of alien technology. They had just had the 'holodeck' installed, and he couldn't pass up the chance of making Spielburg a reality.

... In fact, he was grinning from the slight modification of Elsa to look like T'Pol...

For the time being, Spielburg could wait... he had his own heroic duties on board the Enterprise.