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Glory Quest

Early in the Spielburg morning, a young Guard awakens in the royal barracks. His body was soaked in sweat from many layers of blankets. His body had not yet adapted to the cold Spielburg climate. As he climbs out of bed he wipes his brow to free it of its sweat. He hears the door to the barracks creak open, and then his Mentor's voice.

"Hey, Kid! Come on, the Baron wants to see you." Wane called his Student.

"Yes Sir!" the young Guard said with a salute. Wane nodded, then left the barracks to leave his Trainee to get ready with Baron Barnard.

Ten minutes later, the Guard-in-training walks out of the barracks.

"Blance!" He heard the familiar sound of his girlfriend calling out his name.

"Hi, Ntarbe! How are you today?" he asked.

"Just fine! I heard the Baron wants to meet with you!"

"Yes, he does, but I don't know why." Blance sounded confused. He had begun his training just 3 weeks ago, and he didn't believe he had made the title of Guard just yet.

Baa dum, baa dum, baa dum, baa do do do do do de da da dum, do de de de da dum.

The two heard the new royal call, which the Baron had dubbed the name of `A HERO'S MARCH.'


"I have to go, I'll see you after the, Er... whatever it is we're having."

"Good luck with it, whatever it is." Ntarbe said as she kissed him goodbye. Blance strode towards the castle doors with a look of confidence and a twinkle of hope in his eyes.

"The Baron will see you now." Pierre stated to Blance as he stepped up on to the small ledge that led to the door. Blance acknowledged this with a nod.

"...Blance Harple, from the desert land of Thebes, has proven himself to be a strong, and worthy person of holding the title Guard in honor."

[Long pause]

"But sadness has struck the royal family yet again. The Baroness, Salma, has fallen ill with an unknown illness."

Blance closed his eyes, and lowered his head in sadness. The Baroness was like a sister to him since he moved to Spielburg. She took him and Ntarbe in as family. He always talked to her, but seldom talked to the Baron.

An older voice now speaks, the former Baron, Stephan. "If this young man proves successful in the quest that will be set before him, I shall deem him my son, and second in command of the valley of Spielburg."

"Aye, Sire, but what is this task that you speak of?"

"You shall travel Glorianna to find a healer that may know a cure for the disease the Baroness has been plagued with." Stephan informed the young man.

"We are allotting you an amount of 1000 Gold coins to aid you on you journey. We have also informed the healer of your task, and she has offered to give you some items to take with you. So you should go visit her before you leave. You may take one person with you. Who shall it be?" Blance new the answer before the question was even asked. He immediately said "Ntarbe Sh'rar."

"Call for her, immediately!" Barnard demanded. Without hesitation, a Guard ran to the door, and told Pierre.

Baa dum, baa dum, baa dum, baa do do do do do de da da dum, do de de de da dum.


She entered the castle unknowing of why she was summoned.

"Ntarbe Sh'rar, [yet another pause] Blance Harple has chosen you as the one to go with him on his quest to find a cure for the Baroness."

Blance new Ntarbe was worried, but he knew that she knew better than to speak at a time like this, or was it he knew that he knew that she COULDN'T speak at a time like this. Either way, she didn't say anything.

"The Baroness wishes for you to see her." Barnard said, solemnly.

"Have you ever seen anyone that color shade of red? Or was that green? I could've sworn she changed colors every time I blinked!" Blance said to Ntarbe ask they walked up the hill to the Healer's hut. "I thought it was just me." Ntarbe said, confusedly. "I've never seen anyone that color, er... whatever color it was."

[Again, another pause]

"Ntarbe, is there anyone you would like to say goodbye to? If so, go and to that while I talk to the Healer."

"Okay, I won't take too long, I just want to say bye to Hilde and Zara. Bye, Sweetie!" she said, as she kissed him, and ran off towards the town gate.

After collecting the sum of pills the Healer had made for the two, and after Ntarbe said her farewells, the two headed towards Zauberburg Mountain. They headed 1 skareen to the east, then 2 more north.

"What was that!?" Ntarbe said as she grabbed Blance's arm for protection.

"Stand still! Don't move! Don't make a sound." Blance demanded. Gronk Honk ROAR

The saurii attacked from the east. Ntarbe quickly cast Calm to stop the attack, but the spell did not work. Another Saurus appeared from the north.

"These things must have brains like no other!" Ntarbe shouted over all of the snorting. An orange Saurus slowly crept up to Ntarbe, who cast a Flame Dart at its head before it had a chance to attack her. It reared back in pain. Blance, now with sword and shield in hand, resheathed his sword, SilverBlade, and bent down slowly and grabbed a handful of rocks. He flung one of the rocks at one of the two purple saurii. It hit the Saurus directly in the left eye. It tried to reach the wound with its arms, but they were too short. All while this was happening, Ntarbe was having her own battle with the orange Saurus. The thing was just too stupid, or too smart, to want to die. She launched Flame Darts and Lightning Balls at the creature, and cast Frost Bite repeatedly. She finally took out a dagger, cast zap, and threw it at the orange Saurus. The electrified dagger hit the Saurus in the mid-chest region. It fell over from pain, and soon realized there was no hope in life for an injured Saurus, and died. She joined Blance in fighting the other two saurii. The two easily took down one of the saurii. When the last one realized that it had no chance against the two humans, it honked very loudly.

"HOOOOOOONNNNKKKK!!!" said the Saurus.

"That didn't sound good!" Blance said to no one in particular. The bodies of the other two saurii started to lift in the air, and floated to the last saurii.

"HOOOOOOONNNNKKKK!!!" the Saurus said again.

For a moment, the Saurus collapsed. 2.7 seconds later it rose from the ground. Light flew from its body, and it slowly grew larger. The shock of all this shocked Blance and Ntarbe. There, standing before them was an orange headed, red bodied, fully-grown Saurus rex.

"Umm..." Blance said in the way people say 'um' when they are afraid to say something that will hurt a monsters feelings, thereby causing the monster to attack, just for not saying 'um'.

"ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR" the monster said, in that particular way monsters say 'roar' to scare people and make them suddenly have a great big wet spot on their pants.

The battle continued after the Saurus rex said 'roar'. Blance unsheathed SilverBlade and slashed at the creature. The Saurus rex was stupid enough to try to stop the sword with its arm, and from this action, it was now missing a limb. Seeing an advantage here, Ntarbe popped a Mana pill in her mouth, and cast a few Flame Darts at the wound on the Saurus rex where the arm should be. It roared in agony. Blance lunged at it when it roared, and pulled up after the sword made contact with the body of the Saurus rex. The result of this is the Saurus rex collapsing on the ground. Ntarbe saw another opportunity. She grabbed SilverBlade out of Blance's hand, cast Zap, and walked over to the Saurus rex, who was gasping for air. She thrusted the sword into the midsection of the dying Saurus on steroids, and rotated SilverBlade. The creature ceased to continue breathing, showing that it was now dead.

"Did that really just happen?!"

"Yup, the two saurii we killed joined with the living one to create a Saurus rex. It's called spontaneous reproduction. Don't ask." Blance said as he walked over to the dead body. He took and cut off some off the scales on the back of the Saurus rex. He didn't know why, he just wanted to.

"Let's run to Erasmus' house, shall we?"

"I'd feel safer if we did." Ntarbe said. The two headed north again 1 skareen, then east two more skareen's. They stood in awe at the house.