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Photo Edits

Sometimes I get bored. I'll add pop culture references and memes into scenes from the games.

These below imags are the results.

Also, if you're interested in the explanations behind some of these images - either because you're not familiar with the source material, or (more likely) that the 'meme' referenced hasn't held up to the test of time, you can click see them HERE. I've also got the individual sprites from the images on this page, if you're interested in using them yourself.

I've got no issues with anyone using the sprites or images I make, as most are altered from pre-existing artwork from in games, but please do give credit if you use them.

The first image has a note stuck to it on a square bit of paper. At first glance, from the corner of your eye, the paper seems blank, but as you stare at it, a single word is there, looking as if it's been there the whole time. The word you see is written with embellished calligraphy. A word that brings a smile to your face at reading it, almost hearing the writer's glee at the word.

The word:




The second image has a few faded papers with hastily drawn pictures of trees and stick-figure men on it. The top one has a rather simple drawing that strangely sends shivers down your spine - an X with a circle drawn around it. As you pick up the paper and look at it, the paper below simply says:





The next image has one simple note atop it.

"Look at it! Just look at it! It doesn't care, it's getting stung like a thousand times! Nothing can stop a honey badger when it's hungry! Ew! It's eating larva!"

Look at him.  JUST LOOK AT HIM!



The next note is a bit dusty, and looks like it's part of a children's book.

"Dog goes woof. Cat goes meow."

The note continues for a bit, explaining basic animal noises until it gets to the sound of the fox... You can't help but to facepalm.

Ylvis - The Fox



A small stack of pictures is on the table underneath the previous.

The writing on the worn out parchment resting on the photos reads:

"Did you know that Cigar Guy was good ol' Devon's sidekick? He was cut out of the game after filming this scene - he refused to leave the skareen, so they just made him hide behind the curtain during filming."

Cigar Guy Image 1

Cigar Guy Image 2

Cigar Guy Image 3



The following image looks as if it's been pinned to a board multiple times, the corners rather worn out. There is what amounts to a cliché ransom note stapled to it, with a purposefully placed lipstick-kiss as it's signature.

"You gotta go through me, B-Man, if you wanna get ta Mista J."

Harley Quinn and Batman



You can sense the hatred and anger in the shaky penmanship on the next note. The writer was obviously in haste.

"I'll purge this world of them... every single one of them."

Eren Yeager!



The note on the next image looks like the person writing it was too excited to care about proper penmanship.

"The Force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. My sister has it. You have that power too..."

Father vs. Son (Um... spoilers...?)



The next note is indecipherable due to the mix of Latin and many hieroglyphic looking symbols. There's only one phrase scribbled at the bottom in barely legible handwriting that reads:

"Ogre - from Men of Letters mythic bestiary"

Carry On, Wayward Sons.



A simple note reads:

"Don't forget 3.Oct.10"

Dog of the Military...