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A "de-make" is the term I use to call my little art pieces that are a re-creation of a VGA-or-Higher resolution screenshot and redone in the EGA game art style. Instead of calling them "EGA Remakes" - I went with the term de-make to denote the perception of the style going chronologically backwards..

I've got no issues with anyone using the sprites or images I make, as most are altered from pre-existing artwork from in games, but please do give credit if you use them.

The next note simply poses a question:

What if things were ... "de-made?"

Look at him.  JUST LOOK AT HIM!

:: Download Wallpapers ::
(1280x832) (1600x1040)



Another note. This one smells faintly of flowers.

"First there was Peace. Now relax in my Garden."

Look at him.  JUST LOOK AT HIM!

Look at him.  JUST LOOK AT HIM!

:: Download Wallpapers ::
(1280x760) (1600x950)

:: Download Wallpapers ::
(1280x760) (1600x950)



Another note, this one with loopy, relaxed penmanship on it:

"This small pool will give you some peace in the harsh savannah."

Look at him.  JUST LOOK AT HIM!

:: Download Wallpapers ::
(1280x760) (1600x950)