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Quest for Glory Journal
Entries for Spielburg
by Soulforge (a.k.a. Manegirl)
A.K.A. "The Challenge" : Play one game day per day and journalize it

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Day 1

My name is Marcus Donnelly. I hail from the small town to the East of here known as Willowsby. I am twenty one as of starting this journal. I am a Fighter, a noble profession back home- or at least less shunned than being a Magic User there; I feel sorry for my friend Finn -however... I seek something more.

I seek to be a Hero! Or perhaps, something even higher than that.

No, I don't wish to be a God. Something lower than that.

I wish to be like my father, Ehren Donnelly. May his soul fight bravely in Valhalla.

I wish to be one of those legendary Heroes from days of yore. I wish to be a Paladin!

Ach, but alas. I don't believe I can become a Paladin. They are nothing more than the stuff of legends now. So, becoming a Hero shall have to do.

I asked my two best friends, Finn Dillon and Rico Larron if they wanted to accompany me on this quest. They both declined. Finn, because he simply wished to study under his father who was also a Wizard, plus he admitted that he was too much a coward to go. Rico, because he had just gotten accepted into the Thieves Guild as a "bonafide purloiner" and figured "why leave?" since he's perfectly happy here.

So, here I am now in Spielburg. I am resting in a wonderful place called Erana's Peace. I have heard of the legendary Erana, of course. As beautiful as Freyja, as wise as Odin, and as powerful as Thor. She is one of the most powerful Wizards to have ever lived, and even the townspeople back home where Magic is considered wicked, speak highly of her and her deeds. She has the power to create these magical gardens that allow no harm to come to you. Truly amazing, ja?

I am armed with my father's sword, Shamgar, and the shield has my family crest of an axe and a sword crossed together with the rune for 'D' in the middle.

I came to Spielburg after graduating from the Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School, and saw a poster in the Willowsby Guild Hall asking "Hero Wanted! No experience necessary!" And snatched up the chance immediately. After much begging from mother to let me go.

Arriving in town safely and signing my name in the Guild Hall's logbook, I now know I must do according to the Sheriff. Brigands ravage the land, the Baron is in distress, and an Ogress named Baba Yaga has cursed this beautiful valley.

It is up to me, Marcus Donnelly, to put a stop to this!

May Thor grant me strength so my sword shall strike true!

But for now, I sleep.

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





*there appears to be blood dripped onto this page*

Day 2

Today, I got into my first difficult battle. I'd already fought a Purple Saurus and a Goblin today. This time, I was against a Brigand. I thought I could take him, but they are more clever than the average beast.

It all happened so fast...

I could barely land a hit on him, and before I knew it, I'd fell to the ground too injured to move. As I bled out, I heard my heart stop, and everything faded to blackness...

I briefly saw Valhalla before me, and heard my father call my name. But before I could join my comrades in Odin's Hall, everything began to fade away and I hear a woman's voice say, "Restore."

I managed to open my eyes and cough. I looked around and saw that I'd somehow ended up back at Erana's Peace.

How? I have no idea, but whoever that was who managed to heal me back to full strength? I thank you. May the Gods bless you.

It was like... everything had started over. The sun was lower in the sky than it was when I fought that Brigand. Did I... go back in time somehow?


Well, regardless, I did some things today. For one, I worked on my Throwing skills and managed to knock down a ring from a nest up in a tree that belonged to the Healer. Normally I wouldn't mind getting a kiss as a reward, me being single and all, but... I'd rather not do that again if I can help it.

For another, I went to the castle and asked the Weapon Master to train with him. I lost the match very quickly.

Sigh. I thought I was better than this! I mean, I've been training in swordsmanship ever since I was nine, and trained ever harder once father died ten years ago. Why can I not beat this guy?! Grrrr! I'll show him whose superior!! I was just... holding back. Ja! I went easy on you!

I also worked in the stables today and got five silvers for my trouble.

And what was the highlight of this day? I came across a Frost Giant- a Jotunn -today! He told me his name was Brauggi and he wished for me to bring him food to "mellow his mead horn" and he'd give me a gem in exchange. I brought him some apples, but they weren't enough. So, I tried again with more apples, still not enough.

I finally lost my temper- why should I even bother helping an enemy of Thor? Jotunn only cause us humans grief! So, I draw Shamgar and stand to fight...

A minute later, I'm face down in the snow and suffering a severe headache.

He tells me that I have courage but shouldn't fight someone as strong as he. I don't understand. Why didn't he strike me dead when he had the chance? Why did he let me go? Does this Frost Giant know Honor?

After that, I headed back to town and went to the Inn. There, I met with Abdulla Doo, the merchant that Shameen had spoken of before. After listening to his plight, I did him a kindness and not only gave him money, but also gave him the meal I had ordered. I go to bed hungry, but sometimes someone else's needs are worse than my own. I think I can manage for now.

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 3

Explored Spielburg more today. I met the Dryad today, and when I went to get the Spore Spitting Spirea Seed, those plants were no match for my awesome Throwing skills! I also got a Magic Acorn that apparently can be used to make a Dispel Potion. Hmmm... that might become useful somehow!

I also met a hermit named 'Enry, who seems like a nice guy. He and I played Cribbage a couple times, which made him very happy.

Speaking of happy, I also FINALLY got enough apples to please the Jotunn, Brauggi. He gave me the Gem as promised and then he left for home. You know, looking back on yesterday, I shouldn't have attacked him so foolishly. I should be better than to lash out at ones who seek my help. I should keep a tight rein on this temper of mine, even if Frost Giants are the enemies of the Gods I follow. I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I hope he reaches Jotunheim safely with the food I gave him. May the mead flow well for you, Brauggi!

Also, I want a pet stag. Ooh! Or maybe a baby antwerp! Yes, an antwerp got poked by Shamgar's blade and split into three, four, five adorable baby antwerps!!! I admit, I squealed in delight at how cute they were. Yes, I know, how manly of me. Ha ha!

I'm writing this while up in 'Enry's cave and laying down on the straw. I can hear 'Enry chattering up a storm nearby- and BY THOR! SILENCE! PLEASE!! I CAN HARDLY HEAR MYSELF THINK HERE!! SHUT UP!!!

Ach... I'm tired. I need to rest.

...Great. I can hardly sleep thanks to this fungus on the walls. It's gonna be a long night.

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 4

Didn't do much today, really. I beefed up my Throwing skill more, and I discovered I suppose you could say a "camp" of Goblins.

I fought one of them, then despite me being weakened, I fought two more. I am an idiot! I get "Restored" (seriously, who's doing that and how? Someone please tell me!) back before I fought the Goblin, fighting just one and then cutting my losses this time.

I also fought the Weapon Master again! Still didn't beat him, but I feel more agile due to the fight. I also practiced my dodging and parrying with a Goblin as well, which helped.

Oh! And I encountered the Fairies of Spielburg tonight! They certainly are... interesting little things. They constantly bickered over me, one apparently liking me quite a bit, and asked me to dance. So, I did! Those lessons mother taught me came in handy after all! And, I got Fairy Dust from them too! Two ingredients down for that Dispel Potion!

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 5

Did a few interesting things today. I came across the fabled Meeps for one! called Kwirks if I recall in Silmaria. The poor things are rather shy, although me attempting to attack them didn't help matters. I got yet another ingredient for the Dispel Potion- Green Fur! I handed in that plus the Fairy Dust from last night to the Healer.

Just two more to go!

I also met a rather... shady fellow by the name of Bruno. It's pretty obvious that he's a Thief of some sort, judging from those poisoned daggers he has.

Unfortunately, the only way I even know that is because I was a fool and decided to fight him. Or rather, I thought to fight him... and turned my back on him.

I can still feel that razor sharp blade pierce my back.

I still remember the poison rushing through my veins and the adrenaline I got whenever I attempt to fight with Shamgar didn't help.

I remember dropping to the ground and I quickly grew cold as everything went black and still and silent.

I hear that woman's voice again, restoring me back before I made that foolish decision. Still, although I know I am safe in Erana's Peace, I can't stop thinking about that gleam in Bruno's eyes as he watched me die. He smiled and chuckled maliciously too. Almost as if this was exactly what he wanted to happen to me.

I shan't forget him so soon. I hope I never lock eyes with him again, otherwise he might recognize me and that laugh and grin might be the last thing I ever see.

I'm resting in Erana's Peace and now have some of her flowers with me. I smell them, and they bring me peace of mind. Lady Erana watches over me, I know it. I should love to meet her someday, and personally thank her for making this beautiful place where even a man like me can find rest.

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 6

Short day today. I fought the Weapon Master, not even attempting to hit him anymore, just working on avoiding being hit by his blade.

I'm getting more limber, I can tell! And I FINALLY have a killer Throwing arm! Hooray!

Though it still worries me that I can't fight anything stronger than a Goblin. Actually, no! I don't feel worry, I feel shame!!

I'm a Fighter! I'm the son of Ehren Donnelly!! He taught me to be better than this!! I should be respecting his memory and training to be stronger, not being a wimp and dodging every hit! I should be slicing through my enemies like butter not running away constantly!

Argh! No more!! Tomorrow. I'll fix this problem tomorrow...

Those Goblins won't know what hit them.

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 7

Didn't do much today. Just more training. I know I said yesterday that I would be training my sword arm, but... both my F.A.C.S. pamphlet and my father told me that my shield would be important, so I worked on my Dodge and parry instead.

I meant to go to the Goblin Camp today, but I felt I wasn't strong enough to take them on again. Yet.

In fact, I know I'm not strong enough, since I was being chased by a Red Saurus and immediately turned tail and ran. Also, I got attacked by a Mantray out of nowhere!! Not fun!

Let's see... what else did I do today? Oh! I also met a Wizard named Erasmus! He seems like a person not to trifled with, but nevertheless, I see a twinkle in his eyes.

He actually reminds me of Keenan, Finn's father, back home. Very serious most of the time, but there's that spark in his eyes still. Yes, I've known for years what he and Finn were, but it wasn't until a month ago that Finn outright told me. I hold nothing against him or his father. Heck, i sometimes wish that Magic wasn't banned in our town, so that they don't have to be secretive.

Speaking of secretive, Rico also confessed what he and his parents do at night to me. They're Thieves. I, of course, kept their secret as I try to be a good friend to both of them.

Me, I have nothing to hide. Everyone knows my father was a great Fighter back in his day, and I'm trying to follow in his footsteps. Which is why I asked to be trained in swordplay at the Adventurer's Guild with father when I was nine, and continued to train ever harder when I was eleven when he died. My father died honorably in battle in a foreign land ten years ago, and I hope to go out the same way someday.

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 8

Training again. I took on a few more Goblins today! Ha! I'm getting stronger! I love it! Six Goblins if my memory is correct. Or was it five? Well, it's more than one anyway.

Oh! And I took on a Mantray today, and I WON! Barely. But, hey, it's a start, right? Didn't see any Brigands today, so no dice there.

There's just something about holding Shamgar in my hands that just makes me feel stronger. I don't know if it's the sword itself, my own cockiness, the blessing of the Gods, or if it's the blood of Fighters running hot in my veins. Whatever it is, don't stop, please!

Finn and Rico don't know what they're missing. When I'm Hero of Spielburg- hopefully -I'm so gonna brag about this when I get home.

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 9

Another short day today. Didn't do much except better my Dodge and Parry skills a bit and i got attacked by a Mantray or two while on my way to meet with the Weapon Master.

I swear, those Mantrays creep me out! One second there's nothing but solid earth under my boots, then suddenly the ground shifts under me and it springs up out of nowhere, whirls around and I'm being attacked by something that should NOT be flying at all! Why did the Gods create this creature?! What purpose in our lives does it serve?! I can't eat it, it's not a beast of burden, I can't keep it as a pet, it seems to only want to electrocute me and then eat me... possibly while still alive!!

Brrr!! Can you imagine that? You're too weak to stand, so you collapse, and because you're too weak to stand let alone move, the creature starts chomping on your innards with those sharp teeth and frying you tender with it's tail!

Dear Gods, I'm gonna have nightmares picturing that!! And it's especially bad at night, because they blend in with everything!

Ugh! Okay, Marcus, okay. Calm down. Just smell the flowers here, and settle down. Think of Erana.

I wonder what she's like? I'm imagining she's wonderful... but will I ever know?

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 10

Phew! I'm on a roll today!

I did nothing but take on that Goblin Camp, and... hoo boy!! I am rolling in silvers now! I went from let's see... I believe I had 38 silvers going in, that one Goblin had 35 silvers on him, which brings me to 73. Anyway, I trained all day and THIRTY GOBLINS fell to Shamgar's steel today!! Yes, I counted. Just from that, I went in with 38 silvers, I came out with 303 SILVERS after I was done!!

Coincidentally, I'm actually saving up to buying that chainmail armor in town. This is a GREAT way to do so apparently, so long as I'm careful. I fell in battle three times because I was attempting to Dodge and Parry AND fight those Goblins at the same time. Yeah, not my most brilliant idea since I was weakened by that point anyway.

Also, on my way there to the Goblin Camp, I got attacked by a Red Saurus! I fell against it, sadly. On my way back to Erana's Peace, I got attacked by a Cheetaur, losing against that too. I suppose I'm just not strong enough to take one those yet.

I also encountered a weird hut on chicken legs, surrounded a fence with skulls on top of it. The big skull on the gate said he would only let me in to see Baba Yaga- so THIS is where she lives! -if I helped him. All the other skulls on the fence had creepy glowing eyes, but he didn't and so he felt bummed. Well, I decided to make a deal with him: I'll give him the Gem I got from Brauggi and he lets me in the gate. Well, that seemed to work as he dropped down the gate in the dirt and let me through. Although, I wonder what he meant by remembering a rhyme?

Well, in any case, I felt too tired to even confront her now, so I left for Erana's Peace to sleep. I also FINALLY killed a Brigand today, leaving my total amount of money earned today as 327 Silvers! Woo hoo!

AND THEN I WAS ATTACKED BY A THOR DAMNED TROLL!!! I barely escaped with my life after that encounter as he kept chasing and running me into corners and trees and he reacts so quickly and I was wounded badly at this point and I just wanted to run to the north as I was right outside Erana's Peace and could see it in front of me just out of reach and GAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

Okay! Okay. Okay. Relax, Marcus. You're here now, safe and sound in the meadow. Nothing is going to hurt you. Nothing can hurt you here. I swear, everything in this valley is out for my blood lately. Can they sense that I'm getting stronger by the day perhaps?

It's not yet dawn. I need sleep, and want to take this off my mind.

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 11

I'm getting stronger. I can feel it!

I went back to the Goblin Camp, taking on eight in a row, twice. I mostly trained my sword arm, but worked on my Dodge and Parry a bit as well. 439 Silvers by the end of the day! Excellent!

I ran away from a Brigand earlier as I was weakened greatly, but unfortunately I went out of the frying pan and into the fire as they say, as I came face to face with dozens of Brigands all aiming for me with their bows. I wisely decided to run away, as even I cannot take on that many when I'm not ready. Perhaps I can take on the ones that hide behind the logs, but not now. Not until I'm truly ready.

I also beat a Mantray and didn't get hit once! I got chased by a Red Saurus and lost. And my crowning achievement today? I took on a Cheetaur on my way back to Erana's Peace, and I WON! Huzzah!! And I took the claws as proof of my victory! And speaking of things I can sell to Amelia Appleberry, I keep forgetting to get the Flying Water so I can finally get that Dispel Potion made as it's the one ingredient I don't have since I gave the Flowers the other day (keeping one as a keepsake). Oops.

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 12

Short day again today. I fought the Goblin Camp again, and I FINALLY have enough money to buy that chainmail armor in town! Hoorah!

I feel I'm almost done training with my sword, and same with my Dodge and Parry. Now, if only I could get my Strength up more. Also, I feel like I should become more clever, since I can't live on my fists all the time. I heard about a King in a faraway land who thought with his wits despite his great strength, and he was quite successful. I believe his name was Graham?

I have enough money to get the chainmail, but what about other things? Surely, if my journeys as a Hero take me somewhere else, I'lll need more than just this. Perhaps after I'm fully trained, I should fight the Goblins for their silvers and get as much money as I can carry.

I'm also making it my goal to best a Troll while I'm here. I haven't been able to do so yet, but mark my words, I WILL kill a Troll!

Also, I FINALLY have the Dispel Potion! Woohoo!

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





*There appear to be teardrops on this page*

Day 13

Another short day. Seem to be having a lot of those lately.

However, I feel very proud of myself today! why? Because I FINALLY managed to kill a Red Saurus today! And another Cheetaur to boot. AND I have FINALLY mastered Shamgar at last! Also, I mastered my Parry skill!

Father, are you proud of me?

I feel so strong, I feel I could take on a thousand Brigands!

In fact, perhaps the day I do is soon coming. However... I still need that armor first. And I should confront that Baba Yaga as well. See if I can get her to undo the curse.

And, there's something else I should confront soon as well. I've looked into its eyes and I see nothing but rage as it stomps toward me and it wants nothing more than to bash my brains out on the forest floor, much like the Trolls. However, I feel it must be hiding or guarding something in that cave behind it, otherwise why would it stick to the same area?

Soon, foul Ogre! Soon I shall discover what you're hiding...

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





*the writing on this page appears to be not as neat, as if the person was writing in a hurry*

Day 14

here two weeks rough long day bought chainmail and worked stables yay whatever saw the witch and turned to frog got mandrake for her spared my life not no won't go back again too frightened now running for life killed troll took beard and money don't care afraid might die no sleep barely rest troll after me brigands glare at me from cliffs want to shoot me scared they'll find me no sleep need strength too weak want to go home see mother again need comfort help me

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





*the writing on this page is neater than yesterday, Marcus seems to have calmed down*

Day 15

Very short day today. Since I was so weakened by last night, I didn't bother fighting anything today. Since I didn't do much today other than sell that Troll's beard, fight the Weapon Master again- almost mastered the Dodge -worked at the stables and finally came back to Erana's Peace to get some much needed sleep and to satiate my hunger, I shall reiterate more clearly what I did yesterday, now that I'm safe here.

I finally got the chainmail armor! Hoorah! I also FINALLY managed to kill a Troll last night, and got a ton of money from him- 43 silvers!

I also confronted Baba Yaga yesterday, but I could do nothing to harm or even speak to her at all. Why? Because she decided to turn me into a frog as soon as she saw me! Luckily, I managed to convince her not to kill me and instead she had me do her a favor. She wanted me to get her a Mandrake root from the graveyard, which I waited for hours to get as it only could be pulled at Midnight. I was smart and decided to buy Undead Unguent earlier today, but still my heart pounded as I wrenched the Mandrake from the ground and hoofed it over to Baba Yaga's hut, hoping and praying that I wasn't too late. The fact that I'd heard a horrible scream like that of a dying child as I pulled out the root and that while the witch spared me this time, she told me next time it was frog legs for sure, didn't help matters.

I had passed the time until nightfall by fighting the Goblins again and, by the way, they give me in total 52 silvers. Although I could be remembering wrong so I'll recheck next time I fight them.

Last night. I have never been so afraid before last night. I had just killed that Troll I mentioned earlier, having somehow won, and I found myself getting lost. How? I don't know. I've been here two weeks, so I should know the layout of this blasted forest by now. I was wounded badly after that fight, and because I felt so ancious, I could hardly rest. So I ran around the forest, looking in desperation for a safe haven to sleep as it wasn't quite dawn by this point. I was afraid because I was being chased by Trolls and Red Sauruses everywhere, and I knew I wasn't strong enough to fight them, especially because the last Troll I fought nearly killed me.

I was weak, I was hungry, I was tired and I was scared. I know that probably makes me look like a pansy, but even I can take only so much before I just collapse.

I finally got away to an area where I thought i could rest, but I saw the moonlight shining on those helmets and glinting off the lances and arrowheads and I knew where I'd ran to in desperation: The Brigand Gauntlet. Not wanting to add arrows to my list of wounds and scars I've received on this journey, I hid somewhere amongst the rocks and tried to rest until dawn came.

I'm beginning to think being a Hero isn't worth it. I'm beginning to miss home, miss my mother. Perhaps I shouldn't have left Willowsby at all. Look at my father- an old friend of his sent him a message, saying that he needed his help battling in a foreign land, far away from here. I was only eleven at the time, and I still remember that look of conflict on his face as he looked at mother and I. He wanted to stay with us, I could tell, but he couldn't leave his friend to die. He decided to go, and he promised to train with me more when he returned and that I should be strong and take care of mother. Being a child who always wanted to be in his parents's best light, I promised him that I would do my best for his sake. Then he left, with his sword and shield on his back.

That was the last time I ever saw him alive. He came home a couple months later, his body laid upon his shield. The people who brought him home told me he had died honorably in battle and I believed them. It made sense for my father to go out that way, being one of the greatest Fighters I ever known or ever will know. Since then, I have sought to become stronger and to honor his memory by becoming a Hero. Because to me, he was my Hero and always will be my Hero, up til my dying breath.

I just want a sign. I just want some sort of sign that he's proud of me. That he never truly left me even after his death. Maybe then I can finally find peace more than just finding a sense of calm in this meadow.

Otherwise, is it truly worth being a Hero?

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 16

Woo! I certainly had an exciting day! Why? Because I have, through intense training, finally bested the Weapon Master! He probably never expected me to be such a strong opponent. He wasn't too happy that I beat him, though, and has decided to quit.

Hmph! He should be ashamed to even be thinking of that at all. Back home in Willowsby, I trained with both my father and our Gildemeister in swordplay, and I was defeated several times by both of them. Still, I got up and dusted myself off, vowing to try again another day. I did NOT just decide, "Well, I'm no match for you, father/Gildemeister, so therefore I shall never pick up a sword again!" like he did.

Instead, I wanted to become stronger. I kept climbing higher- figuratively, I cannot actually climb all that well -and I became what I am today, a Fighter. I realize now, as I'm once again leaning up against Erana's tree, that becoming a Hero is just another step in my journey. Sure, I may have beaten the Weapon Master, but there are other battles that will be even tougher than any I'll face in Spielburg.

I'm a fool to be questioning whether or not being a Hero is worth it or not. Of course it is! When else could I explore all corners of Gloriana, meet so many people, and fight and gain such experience in battle and knowledge? I don't know what I was thinking last night. So I had one bad night, and I consider giving up? PAH! NEVER! I'm a Donnelly! Our family NEVER gives up so easy! That's life, sometimes you have a bad day. But you should move on. I'll probably have both good and bad days in my adventures to come, but I welcome them.

After all, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

And speaking of that, I killed both a Troll and a Cheetaur tonight! I have now confirmed two things:

1. I cannot kill a Cheetaur, a Red Saurus, and a Troll all in the same night sadly.

2. Every day at the Goblin Camp, they give me 56 silvers in total.

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 17

My oh my, was today one of the best days I've ever had while on this journey!

I finally took on that Ogre near Erana's Peace, and he proved to be an easier opponent than the flippin' Weapon Master! He didn't even get a chance to even graze me. I feel great!

I walked inside the cave he was guarding and found another obstacle. Blocking another part of the cave was a bear. 'Hah! No match for me!' I thought to myself as I drew my sword against the beast and prepared to fight it. 'It'll fall easy, just like everything else in this valley!'

I took a step forward and suddenly from out of nowhere a blinding flash blinded me and I had a vision assault my mind!

I saw myself fighting the bear and it fell before Shamgar easily, just like I expected. However, I didn't expect what came next: with the last of its strength, it raked its claws deep into my chest and I collapsed to the cave floor, quickly bleeding out. The bear was covered in blue light and I saw in horror that the man who had been this bear looked suspiciously a lot like the Baronet Barnard Von Spielburg. He buckled and fell to the floor with a thud and a final gurgle. Not a few moments later, I went too.

My head ached as the vision ended and I regained my composure. No. I wouldn't risk that. I had to go with the peaceful route if either of us wanted to live. I noticed it looked rather hungry, so I gave it some of my rations and that seemed to satisfy it . I also noticed that the bear was chained up. While I'm no bear lover, I can't imagine who would chain up a creature like that!

So, my second obstacle breached, I continued deeper into the cave. I soon was face to face with a nasty little Kobold! It clearly wasn't happy to see me and started to blast me with Magic although it was a terrible shot. I knew from the stories I was told as a boy that trying to reason with one of these things was like trying to convince Rico that he should give up Thievery- pointless.

So, I drew my sword and fought it, using those techniques that I'd learned from the Weapon Master. In a short time between me stabbing and slashing and it teleporting to different spotsin the room to see if it could change it's aim and take me by surprise, I managed to kill it.

I think? It didn't leave a body, it just dissolved and siappeared into the floor. Do all Magic Users do that I wonder?

I also got money from him and managed to free the Bear-onet from his imprisonment, for that was indeed the bear's true form. He looked at me haughtily and told me to come to the castle to be rewarded.

Hmph! simply unbearable that fellow is!

Anyway, I of course headed to the castle immediately. Trumpets welcomed my arrival and I bowed before the Baron and tried to be as polite as I could.

He told me that, before his son was found, that he'd given up all hope on life. Now that Barnard was safely home, he felt that things would begin changing for the better.

Long ago, Baba Yaga had cursed him and told him that he would lose all that he held dear. This meant his son, his daughter, and even the valley itself!

However, he spoke of a prophecy that would counter this curse. One that, even as I lie in bed hours later, still resonates in my mind.

It goes like so:

Comes a Hero from the East,
Frees the man from the beast;
Bring the child from out the band;
Drive the curser from the land.

Who would have thought that I, Marcus Donnelly, the son of a town guard of Willowsby, would be the subject of a prophecy? I just hope I can fufill it in these days to come.

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 18

Short and simple day today. Just more Strength training at the Goblin Camp. Soon, I sense that I will be will be UNSTOPPABLE!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

...What am I, a Scientist?

Also forgot to mention this yesterday, but, when I killed that Ogre I sensed something. Something in the air. It made me feel a bit uneasy, almost as if something was watching me.

I mean, I've been seeing a LOT more Red Sauruses and other dangerous monsters around, so perhaps this is just what happens when you get really strong? It's like the forest is testing me.

I also found another note in the tavern today, talking about someone named 'B' meeting another 'B' at noon, most likely tomorrow. I've gotta see this!

However, I need to sleep first. I fought a Troll earlier and that really took it out of me. Still though, I have the feeling that my journey is soon at an end...

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 19

Had an interesting day.

I was right to assume that the forest is testing me, as right off the bat, I was attacked by a Cheetaur in the daytime. If this were earlier in my adventure, I'd probably either be quivering in my boots or dead. Instead, I faced it head on, wanting it to attack me! After all, I get stronger this way and I get its claws that I can sell for money!

Anyway, the main thing I did today was that I went to the archery range and overheard Bruno talking with a guy named Brutus. So THAT'S his confidant in the tavern! Bruno's a double crosser it seems- claims to be working for the Thieves Guild yet he's actually working for the Brigands.

They know about me. Their leader is getting antsy about me, and thinks that I'm after the gold on her head.

Wait... her?

I remember something! I remember talking to Heinrich the Centaur earlier. He told me about the Brigands, and said they attacked him a while back, injuring his leg badly and would have just outright killed him if it wasn't for their leader who told them to stop and not to harm anyone from the town. The leader spoke in a strangely high pitched voice, and there was a certain kindness about the leader that was unlike a Brigand.

I remember the fox and the dryad. They said that Baba Yaga laid a curse upon the Baron's daughter, hence the Dispel Potion. I remember Karl, who told me that Elsa Von Spielburg disappeared without a trace ten years ago.

I remember the Prophecy's line, "Bring the child from out the band."

It all fits together! Elsa was cursed by the witch, and the Brigands found her and raised her. I suppose even they don't have the heart to kill a little girl. As she grew in age and stature, she must have rose up in the ranks until she became their leader and made them more of a threat. She told her followers not to harm anyone in town because her father rules over the valley. However, that doesn't apply to people like me or Shameen, Shema and Abdulla obviously, so we are obviously targets for people like them.

Unfortunately, Bruno also mentioned that, when I inevitably invade their fortress that she can take me out easily, being a master swordswoman that's even stronger than I am. And then, they'll kill Elsa! The backstabbing bastard! If I ever meet this Bruno out in the battlefield in a fair fight, I'll pummel him! I don't take kindly to traitors.

They also mentioned that to get to the fortress, there's a secret entrance near the "hopping bouncer". I admit, I smirked at that as the "bouncer" had already been taken care of by me. His/her/its babies are bouncing around adorably in Spielburg and won't bother me at all. They mention a 'word' to use at the secret entrance so as not to make "Fred" mad and they both have a key to unlock the entrance, which is apparently hidden in a rock.

Who is Fred, I wonder? As for the 'word', it's "Hiden Goseke". Gee, how clever. I better remember that.

I needed that key badly so what did I do? I fought Brutus for it, who asked if I was spying. Those turned out to be his last words, as he soon fell to Shamgar's mighty steel just like every Brigand I face.

I will face the Brigands soon, but not today. I'm tired. I did my usual of fighting the Goblin Camp and proceeded to do so for the entire rest of the nday and night. It's not yet dawn, and I've been here almost three weeks now. If I want to take on the Brigand's fortress, I need all the power and brains I can get.

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 20

Didn't do much today. Just more Strength training, though I sense I'm nearly done with it. When that happens, that will be the day I take on the Brigands, or possibly the day afterwards after I rest.

I wonder what kind of security measures they have in place for their fortress. They have Fred, of course, whoever or whatever that is. But surely they have other obstacles, right? I doubt they'll just let me walk through the front door and Elsa is probably guarded by that Warlock I've been hearing about.

They probably have traps in there too, no good fortress is complete without some.

Elsa must be suffering memory loss or something. Otherwise, why would she not just go home after she was old enough? I just can't imagine that she'd abondon her family so quickly. Talked to Karl earlier, he said that the Baronet is hibernating -ha!- and that the Baron is organizing his troops. He must be readying them to attack the Brigands after I'm done with their leader.

I can only hope this Dispel Potion works. I'd hate to do something I'll regret.

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 21

Been here three weeks now. The forest was quiet today, as if they were afraid of me or anticipating what I was planning to do. Attacked by a single Brigand on my way to the Goblin Camp, then a single Mantray on my way back to Erana's Peace.

It is done. My Strength, my Weapon Use, my Luck, my Throwing, my Dodge, my Parry. All pushed to their limits. The only thing that isn't is my Intelligence, which I don't really need anyway. Leave that to Finn, I say.

I shall take on the Brigand Fortress tomorrow, after I restock my supplies and make sure I have everything I need, saying goodbye to the people in Spielburg who have helped me on this long journey.

After that, I shall head off for the Fortress. As I sit against Erana's tree, I shall say a prayer to the Gods:

Odin, far-wanderer, grant me wisdom,
Courage, and victory.
Friend Thor, grant me your strength.
And both be with me.

I can only hope that they'll bless me. I can only hope that Forseti will grant me justice. Despite him not being spoken of much in our stories, aside from teaching our 'cousins' down by the coast about law, my family has always felt... close to him for whatever reason, as have I. I don't know why, but we do.

I can now only get a good night's sleep and hope that I'm successful tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~





Day 22

I DID IT!!!!!!!!


There I was at the Brigand Fortress- never did find out who "Fred" was, but perhaps I'd rather not know -watching the Minotaur guard pace back and forth. I purposefully rustled the bushes I was hiding behind and got his attention.

I must say, that he was a tough opponent and a worthy one. He knows how to use that flail very well and I'm probably gonna get more battle scars from that fight. Not that I mind, of course. "Be proud of your scars, Marcus. It shows that you're working hard," as father would say. Surprisingly I didn't manage to kill him. For once, I'm actually glad as I'd love to fight him again, this time as an ally or even a friend. Perhaps we'll meet again, Toro, on friendlier terms!

Next came the Trap Room. A carpet over a very obvious pit- who is stupid enough to step on something labelled "Step Here"?! -, a couple trip wires, and a fake plank that makes you fall into a pit which sounds the alarm. I passed through it after a few mishaps- getting squished by an Antwerp and becoming a human pincushion are not my ideas of a fun time.

Then there was the Brigand Mess Hall. Hoo boy, this was a toughie! I had to time this one perfectly right, otherwise I WOULD be caught! In order and with perfect timing, I had to: Close the door, wait until I saw the Brigands notice that the door was closed, push the chair in front of the door behind me so they couldn't go through it, then, timing it just right, I had to push over some candles to block three more Brigands who looked strangely familiar- like they were some sort of talkie picture show I saw once -and then before they came around the corner and faced me, I had to jump on the table, grab the rope and swing on the chandelier and knock them out, slamming the other door shut and go through the door in front of me as fast as I could!

Phew! That done, I entered the Warlock's Room. I talked to him and he actually wasn't too bad a guy once you got to know him. His name was Yorick and he found Elsa and confirmed my suspicions that she indeed had amnesia. He couldn't break the spell on her and was awaiting someone like me- a Hero -to come and help. Him and Toro were her only friends here. Anyway, if I wanted to help, I would have to hurry since they were heading out when the snow clears and then she'd NEVER be cured! So, after going through... a series of strange doors, I finally reached the final room.

The Brigand Leader's. I saw Elsa at her desk and as soon as she hopped over her desk and faced me, sword drawn with her eyes glaring at me, I reacted quickly and threw the Dispel Potion at her! Instantly, it worked and I was in the presence of a beautiful woman. She was overjoyed at having her memory back and thanked me profusely before telling me to take the Potions on her desk and then she left with Yorick. I did so, and also took the Magic Mirror with me. Yorick told me he tried to use it on Elsa, but it only works on spells that are being thrown at you, not enchantments. Hmmmm...!

I also noticed something odd up on a shelf. A statue of an ebony bird. Hmmm... it looks familiar. I think I'lll write to Rico about it, he knows about stuff like this more than I do.

Anyway, by the time I got out of the Brigand Fortress it was the middle of the night. The entire process of going around Spielburg and saying farewell to everyone- and I do mean everyone! -and taking on the Brigand Fortress took the entire day!

I knew what I had to do. This Magic Mirror reflects spells back at the user- isn't there a spell that does that too? I'll have to ask Finn. -which is exactly what Baba Yaga does!

So I hoof it over to the Witch's Hut, dancing with Fairies one last time along the way, and instigate my plan. I said the rhyme, and grasped the Mirror as I walked in.

She never knew what hit her! Thanks to this Mirror, she became hopping mad as the spell reversed itself back at her!! And with that, she kicked me out her house, and lets just say that I REALLY made her SOAR! HAHAHAHA!!!

I went straight back to the castle after this and I saw EVERYONE had showed up to celebrate, and I do mean EVERYONE! Even people I didn't know showed up!

I thought for a brief moment I saw a couple who looked strangely familiar, even though I know I've never seen them before. Our eyes met and I felt like I knew them from somewhere... long ago. Perhaps I'll meet them again, because I want to know them. I was soon called away a couple seconds later and they got lost within the crowd.

Who are you? I HAVE to know!

I couldn't help but give my biggest grin as the Baron gave me this medal, declaring me the Hero of Spielburg! I feel so proud of myself!

I wonder if father is proud of me?

Regardless if he is or not, I know my adventures aren't over yet. Abdulla told me that Shapier, his and Shameen and Shema's homeland needed Heroes too. I was all too happy to oblidge and as I'm writing this, I'm on their magic carpet and flying off to Shapier!

I feel proud of what I have accomplished here as a Hero, and I have the feeling that things will keep getting better and better as my adventures go on!

I had a dream last night about my father. I noticed that he held a sword in his hand, but... it looks different from what I remember. I remember the sword he carried when he trained with me and when he left had runes that were the symbols of the Gods amongst other things on each side of the blade. This one however, didn't have that. Instead it... it glowed with blue fire! I couldn't believe my eyes- I thought those swords no longer existed! He beckoned me forward with a smile and then, he handed me the sword hilt first, obviously expecting me to take it. I did so, and I felt overwhelming power surge through me! And it felt just... right holding it in my hands. It flares up in blue fire for me and I give it a few practice swings. Yes!! This feels wonderful!

I wonder... is this my destiny?!

If it is, then onward to Shapier!! Allonsy~!

~Taken from the Journal of Marcus Donnelly of Willowsby.~