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Excerpt One


It had been a few weeks since he left his hometown of Betelgeuse.  He left with minimal fanfare – with only his parents and a few friends seeing him off on his adventure.

The man named Devon Aidendale was currently resting against a tree, having just finished one of his remaining rations.  According to the signs along the path, his journey was almost at an end – maybe another thirty minutes of walking and he’d be at his destination of Spielburg.

Even in the distance along the path, he could see the worn path disappear as it sloped down into the valley in which the town resided.

He ran a hand through his messy blond hair and took a deep breath before he hefted himself back up to his feet.

The soft sound of laughter echoing from the road behind him set him to his course – he was unsure of if the laughter was from friend or foe, and he figured it would be safer to not press his luck.  His pace quickened and he silently thanked himself that he had just eaten.  Those store bought rations, while bland and nowhere near his mum’s cooking, were nourishing enough.  He was lost in his thoughts of who could be behind him that he didn’t notice the shadow pass over him.

Soon, excited hollers from those behind him on the trail caught his attention.  He could have sworn he heard one of the voices yell out about a dragon.  His head whipped around, his hand on his sword to be ready, mind rushing with the single offensive spell he knew.

It was through the trees that he first caught sight of the beast.  It had perched itself atop one of the mountains, it’s long neck craned around as it surveyed the area below, just moments before letting out a monstrous bellow that shook the ground.  Another roar came soon after, yet the ground continued to rumble.  Eyes wide in fear, Devon saw from the mountains the approaching wave of white, even before the voices of those behind him screamed out about the avalanche.

His feet carried him swiftly, his heart pounded in his chest, satchel slapped against his hip and black cloak swished behind him as he blindly followed the path.  The path began to slope downward, and he gave out a yelp as his foot slipped from under him – he had dared not look back, and the avalanche had been swifter than he expected.

He tumbled down along the path.  The snow both pushing him forward and cushioning his body as he fell.

He wasn’t sure just how long it lasted, but he found himself sprawled out upon the ground with a mouth full of snow and body covered in a white dusting.  Slowly he got to his feet and looked up to what had just previously been – according to the map he had – the only way into the valley.  Apparently he was now trapped down here, but at least ‘here’ was where he wanted to be.  His thoughts drifted to those that were on the path behind him, and he hoped that they at least found cover, or some way to survive the onslaught of snow.

After he dusted himself off and shook the snow from his hair, he steadied himself and trekked forward.

Spielburg awaited!