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A Hero's Visit Home
Version 1.0

Chapter One
The Bad News

"It has been a while, young friend," Erasmus said to his fellow mage. "I called you here because I may have news for you, that is if you want to hear it. But first I want to see how you are doing in your travels. Lets see, hmmmm......, you started in Spielburg, saved Elsa and Barnard, banished Baba Yaga, and learned all the possible spells you could when you traveled from Spielburg, to Shapier, then to Rasier, and back to Shapier. And enherited the title of `Prince Of Shapier'. Am I right so far, Orion."

"Yeah, but whats the news," Orion asked, anxious to hear what it is.

"Just hold on, oh, by the way, did you hear my latest joke? Theres this guy in a bar..."

"Erasmus, what did I tell you before about your jokes, I don't want to hear them when you have business with anyone! I don't care who," Fenrus reminded him.

"OK, where was I, oh yeah, after that you went to Tarna and then to Mordavia, then to.."

"Why do you always do this," Orion cut in, trying to figure out why he is there, "and why are you going over my history, you traveled with me to almost everywhere I went," Orion asked sounding like he was about to pop off Erasmus' head with a flame dart.

"OK, OK, I'll tell you the news." "Shut up," Fenrus cuts in,"I'll tell him." Wispering in Orion's ear "Can you believe this guy?!?!?"

"What's the news?"

"Betelgeuse needs a hero," Fenrus said in a low unhappy voice.

"Oh my god, what happened," Orion asked, hoping nothing happened to his family. "One of Baba Yaga's daughters, Baba Yaga, moved there and wants to make it her very own `Spielburg' like her mother," Fenrus explained.

"Who would want to have kids with her?!?," Erasmus said, sounding very confused.

"Don't ask me, I don't even care. All I know is that she has children." Fenrus snapped at him.

"When do I leave," Orion asked.

"Right now if you want to, or you can wait. Its up to you," Fenrus answered.

"OK." In in a flash of white light he was at the familiar bar he always went to, Rigel's. Little did Orion know that he was being watched by something he thought he killed.


Chapter Two

The creature that was watching Orion was badly scarred from the battle that the two had a few years ago. Orion felt he was being watched and was constantly looking around to see if it was Merdita, or Draco. Maybe even his parents. But little did he know that the eyes that were apon him were of the Kobold, who heard of Baba Yaga being at Betelgeuse, and knew that Orion would be there. It has since then taken a name, Markus, and had a plan to trick the Hero, and now King with a little change of plans for the guy who tried to kill him.

Markus stood up and used his little cane to hobble over to Orion. In a cracked voice the said "Do you remember me, Orion?" Orion, wide eyed in disbelief, shook his head for the answer, since he was unable to speak at the moment because he had a mouth full of pizza. "Lets get reaquainted, I am Markus of Spielburg, and you are..?"

After gulping down the pizza, Orion said, "I am Orion, Hero of Spielburg, Prince of Shapier, King of Silmaria."

"So I guess you have been around alot since the last time we met."

"Enough with the small talk, what do you want?"

"I want to help you defeat Baba Yaga."

"Why would I need your help," Orion asked Markus.

"I don't know, but I want to help you."

"I don't need your help, I'll do fine on my own. I have to go, Bye."

With that, Orion stood up and walked out of Rigel's. He walked home and knocked on the door. His mother anwered the door.

"Yes, can I help you?"

"Mom, it's me, Orion!"

"Oh my goodness, it really is you. I heard you might be coming home, but not so soon. We haven't seen any of you kids lately."

"MOM, I'm 26, I'm not a kid anymore!"

"You'll always be one of the kids to me."

"Where's Dad," he said quickly to get off the subject.

"He just left to go meet Merdita and Draco at Rigel's."

"I just came from there, oh no, they can't go there, the..."

"Why not?"

"The Kobold might want to kill them"


"Someone I thought I killed, I'll tell you later. Right now I have to go save Dad, Merdy, and DJ!"

Orion, on the run again, suspecting the Kobold of being there because he knew about the gettogether the three had. Five minutes later he arrives at Rigel's and find it swarmed with people, goons, and one kobold. He bursts through the crowd to the place that he and dad usually sat when they went there. He found the three sitting there, Merdita and Draco side-by-side.

"Hi guys. How's it going?"

"Orion!" Draco and Merdita said together in sync.

"Mind if I have a seat?"

"Sure son, go right ahead." Merlin said.

"So, how's life been around here the last ten years?" asked Orion.

"Did you hear the news," Merdita exclaimed, "We just got married last week!"

"Really, wow, congratulations, I guess."

"Why'd you come back," asked Draco.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Try me."

"I'm here to save Betelgeuse."

"OK," Draco said sarcastically.

"Really, I am."

"Yeah, and I'm king."

"Funny, don't you know I am King of Silmaria?"


"I'm not wasting my time, I'll just tell you why I'm here at Rigel's. You see that little creature over there. He's Markus of Spielburg. A Kobold. I tried to kill him because he cursed the Baronnet Barnard von Spielburg. He turned him into a bear. So I had to fight Markus. I thought I killed him, but he has the ability to teleport, and must have teleported out to make me think I killed him. Ok, now I'm here to save Betelgeuse, and I think he came here to try to kill us."

"Why us, we didn't do anything to him," asked Merdita.

"You're related to me. Now lets get out of here."


Chapter Three

As the four head to Merdita's and Draco's house, Orion had a gut feeling like something wrong was going to happen soon.

"Dad, what are all the spells you know," Orion asked.

"Well, lets see. I know Flame Dart, Trigger, Lightning Bolt, um, Fetch, Hide, Summon Staff, Levitate and, uh, Speed. It comes in useful when your in your getting old."

"Speed, I've never heard of that one, where'd you get it?"

"An old friend of mine gave it to me just before he died. I might be able to teach it to you, or maybe his son will have it at the General Magic Shop."

"Good, I could use it since I'm King," he said, trying not to laugh.

"Don't rub it in," Draco said.

"Sorry," he said sarcastically.

"Do you guys feel funny," Orion asked. At that moment, a Mantis jumped in front of them.

"Oh my g..." Draco didn't have the time to finish what he was saying, he got hit right in the chest with a flame dart, knocking him unconcious.

"NO!!!" Merdita yelled as he fell right beside her.

Orion, really steamed now, cast a Lightning Bolt at the creature. It did no damage, since the Mantis just soaked the electricity into its body. "Merdy, RUN!" Orion yelled at his sister. Then a force bolt hit Merdita, throwing her against the wall of the house the Mantis was hiding behind.

"Merdita!" Merlin yelled. Merlin raised his arms, and disappeared. Orion cast a force bolt, it knocked the Mantis off its feet. Merlin reappeared and ran faster than Orion has ever seen anyone run in his life. "Dad! Don't do that." THUMP The Mantis was on the ground with Merlin on top of it, punching it like it just tried to kill him (which it did).

"Dad, get off of it." Suddenly Merlin was thrown up in the air. Then he was just hovering there.

"This is for DJ!" Orion screamed at the top of his lungs as he cast the largest flame dart he has ever cast. Direct hit. It hit the Mantis right in the head, knocking it out. Now Orion was on the ground, gasping for breath. Orion reached in his pouch, took a magic potion and some pills. After he recovered, he took out his sword, glowing with a highly bright blue flame, walked over to the Mantis and cut it's head off.

"And that's for Merdita." he said triumphantly.

Merlin started to lower towards his son. "Amazing, that was the best Zap I have ever seen." Merlin exclaimed.

"That was not Zap, that was my Paladin Sword."


"Lets get them home." Orion said, pointing at Draco and Merdita.

"Yes, lets." Merlin agreed. Five minutes later, they were at Draco's and Merdita's house. After waking Merdita, the three went over to Draco's body.

"Is he OK," Merdita asked Orion.

"He should be back to his old self by the morning."

Merlin, worried about the monsters, asked Merdita if it would be OK if the two stayed the night. After they had permission, the group went to sleep.


Chapter Four
Baba Blues

The next morning, Orion woke to the sound of Pterosaurs and thunder. He slowly sat up, and immediatly looked at Draco. The room was dark, so he lit the lamp on the table in the middle of the room. To his surprise, Draco was wide awake. He was wide eyed, staring blankly at the cieling, and breating heavily.

Orion crept over to Draco and calmly asked him "What's wrong?"

"I-I saw a.." he paused a moment to recall what happened, "I saw a little blue thing." He said after he had calmed a little.

"MARKUS!" Orion blurted out.

"The thing you showed us at Rigel's?" Draco asked as he sat up.

"Yeah, what did he want?"

"Something dealing with a witch and some girl name Kelly of Lotonville?"

"Lotonville, don't you mean Loftonville? And if I'm right, Baba Yaga has Kelly turned into a frog right now." Orion said as his eyes darkend with anger.

"What else did he say?"

"Go ask him. I was half asleep when he was talking to me!" Draco snapped at Orion.

"Where'd he go?"

"HE DISAPPEARED!!!" Draco screamed. With that, he jumped up, immediatly falling to his knees. "THE PAIN!!!" he yelled as he punched the table, knocking the lamp to the floor, catching the rug on fire.

Without thinking, Orion cast calm, putting the fire to it's misery in seconds. Draco climbed back onto the couch. Resting with his elbows on his knees.

"What was that about?!"

"Something made me do it," Draco said, still out of breath from his outrage.

As soon as Draco said "something" Orion dove to the window. Just as he thought, Markus was standing on the lawn with his back turned towards the house. Orion could hear his evil little laugh as he walked away from the building.

Orion ran to the door, threw it open just as Merdita came down the steps. She tried to stop him, but had no luck doing so. As soon as Merdita reached the door, Orion was already caught up with Markus.

"Orion! No!" Merdita screamed at him.

"What do you want?" Orion fumed at the Kobold.

"You wouldn't listen to me, so I tried your brother."

"I'm here now, tell me what you told him," he ordered.

"He knows, go ask him."

"He's so shook up with your teleporting everywhere, he's gonna go cra..."

"Baba Yaga has someone named Kelly of Loftonville tied up at her hut."

"NOOO!!!!!!!" Orion screamed as he dropped to his knees.


Chapter Five

Orion was helped inside by Merdita. He was now shaking from anxiety to go save Kelly.

"Wait, this girl, it couldn't be..."

"Yes, it's Kelly." Orion said as a tear trickled down his cheak

"I'm going to save her, NOW." Orion said.

Before anyone could respond, he was out the door, exploring the woods, trying to find this "Hut of Brown".

While journing through the woods, Orion heard a vioce, and turned around. To his surprise, he saw a Dryad, then he saw three more. 2 female 2 male. Orion, surprised that there are even male dryads, asked there names.

"I am Showania," the tall female dryad said.

"I am Teriana," the short, slender female dryad said.

"I am Oakley," the Tough looking Male dryad said.

"I am Oasis," the thin male dryad said.

"Nice to meet you, I am Orion, Leader of the city of Silmaria."

"Can you do us a favor, Orion, Leader of Silmaria."

"Sure, I'd be glad to help, what do you need."

"This witch turned us into these dryads, and we would like to be human again, can you get us the cure for the spell."

"Baba Yaga!"

"Yes, I belive that was her name." Oasis replied.

"Where is she."

"To the north of here." Teriana answered.

"I promise to help you."


Chapter Six
The End of What's To Come

While running through the woods, Orion heard a distant, familiar voice.

"Orion!" it called. "Orion! Help me! Please!"

"KELLY!!!" Orion called, now noticing the source of the voice. He saw a distant woman with a glowing aura around her, surrounded in mist.

"Help me Orion! Please! I love you!" the woman called.

Orion, not watching where he was going, tripped over a rock.

"Orion! Help!" the woman called again.

Slowly, Orion fell. Suddenly the woman was upon Orion.

"Kelly!" Orion said, unable to stand up.

"Orion, I love you!"

Orion continues to fall slowly the ground.

"Kelly! Help m....." Orion's head hits a rock. Then there is nothing.