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A QFG and Highlander: The Series Crossover

Please take note that this is a work of fiction, and that no disrespect is meant towards the Coles.

Adam Pierson awoke with a start...

Sometimes memories could overcome even the strongest of individuals. Right now, he was a prime example. Ever since he had 'sold' a few 'ideas' for a game to some friends of his, he'd been having steady dreams of the actual memories which he based the game on.

Of course, the man known as Methos barely resembled the Devon Aidendale of the game, but he remembered his exploits quite vividly...

One such adventure incurred being crowned a Prince in an area one known as 'Shapeir', but now totally forgotten, as the city had been torn down brick by brick to make way for an inter-continental caravan bypass, which, coincidentally, is also completely forgotten about...

"It's been a long time," he spoke to himself. He could probably still find the exact spot the city had been at. The pure beauty of the city had been said to rival the Garden of Eden itself, and Methos knew why. It's not in every desert city that plants bloomed fruitfully year-round. It was either that, or the countless young women walking around in barely any clothing at all that gave the effect.

Methos chuckled. Especially at the irony of being crowned Prince in a land he had been Sultan of not 500 years previous.

He also recalled the time in Greece, where he had met the man he based Devon on... A strong lad with a golden heart. Methos sighed as he remembered what he had done for the previous years... Those countless years wrecking havoc on the world. His 'angry adolescent' years, when he rode along side his "brother's" as Death - one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

How the world could have been different if he, Kronos, Silas and Caspian hadn't become so power hungry with the knowledge of their immortality.

Those painful memories are why he based Ad Avis and Avoozl on Kronos and himself.

Although his favourite adventure was when he met his 52nd wife. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and then some! Not only did Elsa have the looks, but she could best him in a duel...

He rubbed his neck subconsciously as he thought of how many times he had almost lost his head to her blade.

After a quick cup of coffee, he got another and went over to his sofa and got into his favourite sprawling position. A lengthy yawn escaped his lips, and he put his hands behind his head and drifted off into fond memories of a past lover...