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Hello and welcome to the 'creative' part of my website!

Here you'll find a slew of works I've done, including my fanfictions and random images I've made throughout the years.

A few things I'd like to tell you before you actually start browsing the site. Most of my works contain characters that I myself did not create. Most of these characters are from the world of Gloriana, from Quest for Glory, but I've got a few works that contain characters from other franchises, including Star Trek: Enterprise and Highlander. I am making no claim to the ownership of those characters I did not create, and they are properties of their respective owners.



The Legends of Glory

Quest for Glory
Excerpts From the Original Legend of Glory!

A Visit Between Rakeesh and Aziza

Follow select chapters of Devon Aidendale's travels as he leaves his hometown of Betelgeuse and treks through the world of Gloriana on his Quest for Glory.

(Slowly In Progress)

Prequel Chapter to 'A Hero's Visit Home' and 'Sweet Dreams'

Rasha Rakeesh sahTarna's age is finally starting to catch up to him, and he feels that he's unable to keep his oath as a Paladin. He seeks guidance from his old friend, the Enchantress Aziza.


A Hero's Visit Home

Sweet Dreams

A year has passed since King al-Rashid of Silmaria, born Devon Aidendale, had won the Rites of Rulership and the heart of Elsa von Spielburg. There may be no trouble in paradise, but a storm is brewing back home in the small town of Betelgeuse.

(In Progress)

Nearly two decades after the crowning of the new King of Silmaria, Erana learns of a new prophecy from the FaerFolk, known only to the Fae until now...

Erasmus believes the Prince of Shapeir is the target of the prophecy, and together, with the help of King al-Rashid, the Paladin King of Silmaria, work on contacting Shapeir, a feat not easily done because of magical interference between the cities.

(In Progress)



Image Gallery


A "de-make" is the term I use to call my little art pieces that are a re-creation of a VGA-or-Higher resolution screenshot and redone in the EGA game art style. Instead of calling them "EGA Remakes" - I went with the term de-make to denote the perception of the style going chronologically backwards.

Photo Edits

Sprites & Explanations

Sometimes I get bored and make photos (lame 'photoshops') that add recent pop culture and memes into images from the game.

These are the results.

Individual sprites that I've made, with explanations to the memes and pop culture references I've used.

Also here just in case anyone feels like using them for goofy images of their own.

(Please give credit, or at least a link back here if you do decide to!)



Short Stories / One Shot Stories


The Truth of Heroism

A QfG and Highlander: The Series crossover short.

Methos reflects on his past.

A QfG and Star Trek: Enterprise crossover short.

A visit to the newly installed Holodeck.



Older Works

Almost Naked Adventures

Glory Quest

Another work that never got very far. This one was an attempt at a humorous joint-story with another QFG fan. It follows the adventures of Vyatcheslav Petrovskov - an amnesiac man who wakes up in his boxers and his adventures begin from there...

A one shot story that never took off - takes place in Spielburg after the Hero has saved the valley

The Almirena and Orion Date Thread

This was a thread on the old official Sierra forums. We had fun, and one of our pasttimes were Multi Author Fiction threads. This one was centered on me winning a date with the lovely Almirena. It includes posts by me, Almirena, and a slew of other people trying to sabotage us! Good times!

A Hero's Visit Home v1.0

Sweet Dreams v1.0

WARNING: Old writing, cringeworthy and only here for archival purposes.

First version of AHVH - written when I was far too young to write something. I think that's a fair enough warning.

WARNING: Old writing, cringeworthy and only here for archival purposes.

First version of SD - written when I was a teenager. I think that's a fair enough warning.



Works by Other Authors


Quest for Glory Journal

The Three Heroes

A.K.A. "The Challenge"

Follow Marcus Donnelly's quest for glory, as told through journal entries!

Marcus' Journal Entries for Spielburg

Marcus' Journal Entries for Shapeir

Marcus' Journal Entries for Tarna

Marcus' Journal Entries for Mordavia

Marcus' Journal Entries for Silmaria

Aspiring adventures head out on a Quest for Glory. Follow this reimagined retelling of the Quest for Glory series, in which three friends, each with a penchant for swords, sorcery or stealth, travel the world of Gloriana.

(In Progress)